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BKS - Website Titles (2)
BKS - Website Titles

Kat Martin - Band Coordinator

As the band coordinator, I will most likely be your first point of contact. Although I have been entertaining people since a young age, I was introduced to the private event industry in 2014 as a substitute for a corporate band. I was quickly promoted to a permanent position where I managed bookings and company logistics and led the team. My ultimate goal is to ensure that clients, planners, and musicians have an unforgettable experience. I really enjoy interacting with clients and the crowd, and we work tirelessly to ensure that each experience is specifically tailored to the client's needs.


  • 8 years in the private event industry
  • 17 Years of professional customer service
  • Over 200 events overseen and favorite amongst clients
  • Seasoned and lively professional with a strong background in administration

Shane Dickerson-Green - Creative Director

I serve as our Creative Director. With over 10 years experience in theatre and vocal performance, I lend my expertise to ensure that we provide a dynamic show each time we hit the stage. My goal is to blend my acumen, energy and excitement for the craft in any space I enter. My experience in performing arts and entertainment have prepared me for the stage, and my experience as an event coordinator helps to prepare us for your event. 


  • 6 years in the private event industry
  • 2 year in planning and decor
  • Musical theatre background
  • Professional vocal and performance coach

G. Doug Ford - Musical Director

I love all things music! As Musical Director, I manage sound quality, rehearse our band, and arrange our medleys. My love for music started in the church where I first touched an instrument. Since then, I have been active in the music community, playing with various bands, including everything from jazz to today's latest hits. My extensive background in different genres and musical knowledge shine through in my arrangements.


  • 20 years in the private event industry
  • 19 year professional musician
  • Recorded with and arranged music for Grammy-winning artists
  • Gym enthusiast
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